Our Solutions

Electrical Measurement and Control

Automatic load control with Scada Software in enterprises, monitoring and billing of energy consumption with meters and analyzers, monitoring and on-off control of circuit breaker positions. You can supervise the efficiency of your enterprise with these systems and compare your savings with the improvements applied

Power factor correction and harmonic filtering

Our contactor / thyristor switching systems enable you to compensate your inductive and capacitive reactive powers in the most efficient and economical way..

We apply our active and passive harmonic filter solutions for the harmonic problems of your enterprise 

Electric protection and control

In the use of leakage current equipment that is legally required,we select the products and systems to be used in your enterprise and make the implementation

Don't you want to monitor your leakage current with both your devices and software

Smart parking solutions

Don't you want your customers to enter your enterprise happily by parking the fastest and the safest way?

You should definitely consider us in your investments with our high accuracy and stability systems

Intelligent recharge of electric vehicles

We decide together on the most suitable solution for your enterprise with the ultra , medium and slow speed charging systems. 

Pixel lighting